Fisher {6 months)

Last time I saw Fisher was during his newborn session and I was so excited when Sue emailed me to schedule his 6 month session. Photographing a baby between 6-9months is so much fun and Fisher definitely kept me smiling during his session. From his gummy little smile, his beautiful brown eyes, the serious little looks, his sweet laughs and the way he would try to put everything in his mouth, he kept me grinning from ear to ear.

Even though I’ve only spent a couple hours with this family during our last two sessions, there are so many things I adore about them.

Their home is absolutely beautiful and Sue has done an incredible job decorating it. I remember her telling me the first time I came to her house that she still had a lot to do before it was complete. Lets just say, she’s put more finishing touches in her home in under a year than I’ve done in the 6 years we’ve lived in our house. I just like to take my time…. Right?!?

2014-04-28_00342014-04-28_00352014-04-28_00362014-04-28_00372014-04-28_00382014-04-28_00392014-04-28_00402014-04-28_00412014-04-28_00422014-04-28_00432014-04-28_00442014-04-28_00452014-04-28_00462014-04-28_00472014-04-28_00482014-04-28_00492014-04-28_00502014-04-28_00512014-04-28_00522014-04-28_00532014-04-28_00542014-04-28_00552014-04-28_00562014-04-28_0057Fisher had just recently been christened so we got a little “formal” for a few minutes.2014-04-28_00582014-04-28_0059With the crazy winter we had this year, we had to sneak outside for a little to get some “snow” shots from the remaining snow that had not melted yet.2014-04-28_00602014-04-28_0061

Jack {Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}

I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.  1 Samuel 1:27

Getting pregnant without difficulty or complications is something a lot of us take for granted. When I first talked to Jessica on the phone prior to scheduling her maternity and newborn session, she told me that it had been a long and emotional road conceiving and they couldn’t be more excited to be starting this journey. I immediately felt a connection with her and couldn’t wait to meet their baby boy.

I was so excited when I received an email from her in the hospital that included a picture of Jack. It gave me the chills knowing that something that they had prayed over for so long was finally here in their arms.

Being welcomed into their home, seeing them as new parents and documenting this very special time for them was so rewarding.


Rivers {Charlotte, Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}

And just like that, your life is forever changed.

It’s unbelievable the amount of love you can have for someone so little and how that love will continue to grow and fill your heart with so much joy.

I met this sweet family just 13 days after Rivers was born and I couldn’t believe how alert he was. He was wide awake for most of the session, making sure not to miss out on anything. I just loved watching the way he would look at his parents as they held him in their arms. These moments get me every time.

2014-04-26_00022014-04-26_00012014-04-26_00032014-04-26_0004 After a few diaper changes and a feeding, Rivers decided to go to sleep so we were able to document this sweet sleepy stage as well. Don’t you just love how squishy he is…2014-04-26_00052014-04-26_00062014-04-26_00072014-04-26_00082014-04-26_0009Couldn’t leave out the pups!

Can’t wait to see you in 3 months Rivers and see how much you’ve grown!